Chartered Bus

Why Book a Chartered Bus for Your Next Corporate Event

Traveling with your office team or family and friends is an exhilarating experience. But finding the right mode of transport is important to make the trip a memorable one. There are numerous things to arrange, like food and hotel booking, which can be stressful. Taking a plane or a train in some places may turn out to be very costly. In such circumstances, you can hire a complete bus which can be an effective solution to all such problems. Chartered bus services are convenient, safe and cost-efficient. Our professionals at Leduc Bus Lines Ltd. can help you with a wide range of efficient luxury motor coaches, mini-coaches, school buses, wheelchair-adapted buses and commuter bus rentals.

Benefits of a Chartered Bus

A charter bus service works best for corporate outings and team events. Our professional drivers can make your multi-day trip relaxing and enjoyable by following your itinerary closely. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a chartered bus: Complete Comfort Throughout the Trip - Reclining seats, wheelchair accessibility, WiFi, power outlets and TV monitors make sure you are never bored on your trip. We try our best to meet every passenger's request, making the trip as pleasant and entertaining as possible.
  • Your Driver Handles the Navigation - You need not worry if you are new to the place and are not aware of the routes. Our experienced drivers will take you safely to your destination.
  • Stay On-Time - It is easy to lose track of time when multiple stops are planned. Share your itinerary with us in advance and help us in planning your journey. We will make sure the complete group starts and reaches all the stops as per your schedule.
  • No Parking Worries - Our team will take care of securing parking spots. You need not worry about the accessibility. 
  • Team Bonding - Allow your employees or team members to bond with each other while our team worries about the traveling woes. Chartering a bus creates an informal environment for your teammates to network and socialize, which would be limited in a flight or a cab.
  • Cost-Effective - Chartered buses are very affordable for both small and large groups. Moreover, you don't have to work towards reimbursing your employees for travel expenses.
  • Better Productivity - Our buses are equipped with facilities that boost productivity. If anyone wants to work on his or her laptop, they can easily do it without worries.
  • Safe Travel - Our experienced drivers make sure you stay safe and secure throughout your trip. They stay aware of the varying traffic and weather conditions. The vehicles are fitted with tracking systems which helps in monitoring the movement of the bus.
  • Environmental Benefits - When a group of people travels together on a charter bus, they reduce the total number of vehicles on the road. This, in turn, reducesfuel consumption, harmful gas emissions and traffic congestion. The roads stay, comparatively peaceful and silent. By being environmentally responsible, you reduce your carbon footprint and create a better world for future generations.
Use our chartered bus services for the next corporate outing and experience a hassle-free team event. Please go through our available fleet of buses and motor coaches. Contact us today for reliable, comfortable and affordable chartered bus services.